पहली ब्लॉग प्रविष्टि कैसे लिखें-II

In continuation with our last post on how to write your first Hindi Blog Post on your Hindi Blogs Network Site, we are going to show you how to type your first post in देवनागरी fonts or हिन्दी लिपि।

[important]In this post you will learn how to type your first हिन्दी ब्लॉग प्रविष्टि (Hindi Blog Post). Now you know that you can open the post editor window by logging into your site and clicking on add a post  as shown in part I of Write your First Hindi Blog Post.[/important]

On your screen you will see post editor window as shown below

Post Editor Hindi Blogs Network



You can see that there are two rows of tools for formatting your post content on the Visual tab. In the upper row on right side there is written English (F12) and there is also a small down arrow, if you click on that a drop-down menu will appear as shown below. Select Devanagari by clicking on that. Now if you type something in the box below it would appear in Hindi fonts.

Indic Devnagri Dropdown Menu

Suppose you want to write मेरी पहली  हिन्दी  ब्लॉग पोस्ट, so as per the layout of the keys you have to type meree pahalee hindii bl~og posT. You can use capital ‘I‘ instead of ‘ee

If you are not sure about any मात्रा or Spelling of a complex Hindi word you can see the required combination of English letters by clicking on अ ?, the icon for which is just beside the script selection menu.

Hindi Layout

 So, now you can type what ever you want in Hindi fonts and use the formatting options in the tool bar to style the text at your wish. After you finish the writing you have to publish the post and we wish you will organize it using the categories and tags. In case you want to give your post a finishing touch before it goes online on your blog you can save it as a draft too.

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